"We could not be happier with the virtual tutoring both of my high school kids have received from Mr. Alvarez of Armstrong Tutoring. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable, he relates to both my kids, is flexible to working around their complicated sports schedules, and has made a huge difference in their comprehension of Algebra 2 Trig both on grade level and honors. We would recommend him to any child who needs help with math and a boost of confidence in their ability to do the work on their own."

--Brenda Y., Somers High School Parent

"I want to thank the unbelievable team of tutors at Armstrong Tutoring. My daughter had 4 weeks to prepare for the ACT after being away all summer at camp. This was her 3rd attempt and she had superscored the same score on the prior tests.  We had used other tutoring companies without improvement. The tutors at Armstrong are amazing. My daughter raised her ACT score 3 points which now places her in a better position for her chosen schools."

​--Jody R., Brooks Debartolo Collegiate High School Parent

"Armstrong Tutoring is the best in the area. Not only do they offer ongoing tutoring sessions, they also provide end of semester and end of course study groups for various courses. I have seen my son’s grades improve after tutoring for Chemistry, Calculus, and Algebra. What is most amazing is they have you assigned to a tutor right away. And, the tutors are high school teachers already teaching the course. I cannot say enough about this group; they are truly awesome!

​--Lisa W., Plant High School Parent

​“I cannot tell you how invaluable Armstrong Tutoring has been for our kids. It has greatly impacted their performance and confidence levels. I always assumed tutoring was for students who had trouble in school, not those who normally excelled and made good grades. With the honors/gifted/AP course loads my kids have taken, I knew they would eventually feel overwhelmed and need some help. Armstrong was the first recommendation I received, and I am so glad I called them. I've been so impressed with each and every tutor and the semester exam review sessions offered. My kids have really bonded with their tutors and learned a great deal about the subject material and organization/study skills for assignments, quizzes, tests and exams. My husband and I have said it's been money well spent and invested in their education. With 6 children, we will be using Armstrong Tutoring's excellent program for many years to come!"

-- Tonya H., Plant High School Parent

"We used Armstrong Tutoring to prep our son for the SAT. The one-on-one weekly online lessons with tutors hand-picked based on his needs focused on both test strategy and content. They worked so well, he scored 110 points higher than he was even hoping for, exceeding our expectations! Thank you for a great experience!"

--Beth A., Somers High School Parent

"Mr. Wengertsman, from Armstrong Tutoring, is amazing at what he does!  His passion and dedication are beyond words! Thank you for getting my kids through this crazy COVID year. Honestly, I could not have done it without your help! Mr. W is a calm and thoughtful teacher who really cares about both my kids and has put together a program that works for each of them individually. Thank you so much once again, and I would highly recommend Armstrong Tutoring!"

--Betsy, Somers Middle School Parent

"Cannot say enough great things about Armstrong Tutoring! The tutors are not only so incredibly knowledgeable in their subject areas, but are such caring people that really want to see these kids succeed. Ellen Armstrong does a fantastic job at screening and hiring A+ people. I would highly recommend Armstrong Tutoring to any child struggling with grades, self confidence in class, or organization skills."

--Kathy, Robinson High School IB Parent

"Armstrong Tutoring is truly the best! Ellen Armstrong, the owner, is wonderful as are all the tutors. We have used them for ACT/SAT prep, weekly subject specific sessions during the school year and exam/AP review sessions. There is no need to go anywhere else. They meet all your tutoring needs!"

​--Ann Marie M., Plant High School Parent

"I am so happy.  Anthony got a B as a final grade in Math.  I literally picked my jaw up off the floor.  Ms. Donovan did a great job.  Your company is wonderful.  Your tutoring program is the best investment we have made in our son. His math grade went from a D to a B !!!"

--Martha M., Coleman Middle School Parent

“Ms. Reimer’s tutoring helped my daughter go from a 30 to a 35 on the ACT! We are so thankful and happy that we chose Armstrong for test prep!!!”

-- Plant High School Parent

“Mrs. Simsek has been a fabulous help to my daughter. Just after the first session, her grade improved dramatically, and I'm happy to report that she will be ending this 9 weeks with an "A" in her Algebra II Honors Gifted class. I'm very grateful to Mrs. Simsek and to Armstrong Tutoring.”

--Marisa I., Plant High School Parent

“I wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate all of your assistance with Cheney this past quarter. Tracy did an outstanding job, as well as those that assisted when she was unable to meet with him. With her direction, he was able to raise his grade from a low “D” to an “A” in his Algebra class!! Even more importantly, his confidence was increased sevenfold. You guys are truly a blessingI I will definitely recommend Armstrong Tutoring! Fantastic job, thanks again."

-- Michelle G., Plant High School Parent

“Just a quick note to let you know that Zach got an "A" in Physics with a score of 100% on his final exam! This was one of his first "A"s in high school! We know that Armstrong was an integral part in making that happen. Thank you many times over!"

-- Michael V., Jesuit High School Parent

"Anthony has been accepted to Georgia Tech's College of Engineering (his top choice), as well as Purdue (another excellent engineering school)... thanks in no small part to Armstrong Tutoring!"

-- Frank B., Plant High School Parent

“Thank you for your organization. I have definitely been impressed by your organization and thoughtfulness and have told many friends how happy we are with your company. Quality with great administration is a winning combination!

-- Dana A., Plant High School Parent

"We began using Armstrong Tutoring for geometry tutoring in middle school and were so pleased that we've continued to use them for advanced math in high school. As my child's confidence has increased, the stress level in our home has decreased. The tutors we've worked with have all done a great job of reinforcing the concepts being taught in the classroom and explaining them in a way that my child grasps well. It's been worth every penny! We highly recommend their services."

-- Pamela W., Plant High School Parent

"Armstrong Tutoring has great staff who have helped my child learn how to study and gain self confidence in his abilities."

-- Caroline B., Tampa Prep Parent

"I have used Ellen and Armstrong Tutoring for various tutoring needs for my three sons since moving to Florida from Chicago one year ago. She always responds very quickly, is able to meet our specific needs, regardless of what they are and matches the right tutor to the situation each and every time. I would recommend Armstrong Tutoring without reservation."

-- Beth S.,Plant High School Parent

"In Algebra 2 Honors, he had Ds and Fs first semester without tutoring and ended the year with a B after tutoring. Also he participated in the Honors Chemistry exam study group and got an A on the exam and an A in the course. He actually enjoyed working with your tutors - gained knowledge and confidence. I only wish I had started him with Armstrong in the beginning of the year - would have been much less stressful!"

-- Ellen H., Plant High School Parent

“He actually liked the tutoring very much! He said he learned more in that 1 hour than he had in the past few weeks!

-- Amy B., Wilson Middle School Parent

"My daughter started with Armstrong Tutoring in the Fall of 2009. She was struggling to make a C in Algebra 2 Honors. Armstrong worked with my work schedule in lining up a tutor for her. He was an excellent tutor but the teacher/student “chemistry” did not click. Rather than making her stay with the same tutor, Armstrong took the initiative and contacted me about trying another tutor to hopefully help my daughter to continue to improve in the class. I am happy to say that by early 2010 she was making an A in the class. I so appreciated Armstrong thinking “outside of the box” in taking the steps necessary to try and ensure my daughter had the best opportunity to excel in the class."

-- Plant High School Parent

"My daughter is thrilled with her tutor. She left her session feeling great relief and hope! I am truly hoping that the tutor will be able to get my daughter ahead in the Math book so that she continues to feel more & more comfortable with the new material as it is introduced. You stated this “working ahead” as a practice that you instill in your tutors. I was elated when you said that."

-- Berkeley Prep Parent

"My daughter really liked her AP Biology tutor. She said he was "great" and that he broke the whole chapter down for her and showed her how it all fit together."

-- Joy A., Plant High School Parent

"My daughter has always found Math to be her most difficult subject. With the help of Armstrong tutoring, my daughter's grades have improved, she finds math less intimidating, and is less anxious when attending class."

--Plant High School Parent

“My daughter came home and said she loved her tutor. She commented on how quickly the tutor understood her personality and put her at ease.”

-- Plant High School Parent

“My daughter earned a 95% on her geometry quiz, so she's quite pleased. She said that Mrs. Robles drilled her repeatedly if she didn't grasp a concept, conjecture, term, etc... I'm excited to hear this, because my major complaint about today's math programs is that there isn't enough drilling and reinforcement before a new method or concept is introduced.”

-- Plant High School Parent

“Our daughter was so excited when she came home from her first tutoring session tonight! She went reluctantly because she felt like she had a grasp on this week's material but evidently Mr. Thompson really connected with her and showed her some things that were very helpful. She is definitely looking forward to next week's session.”

-- Plant High School Parent